Blogging Policy


FIRST, thank you so much considering me as a blogger for your event/store/hunt/gift/anything you wish!

This page is a quick guide to what I do and don't review.

My time in SL is limited so please note that I might not get the chance to blog your item immediately. If it is an urgent blogging request, please do let me know.

I have been in SL since 2009 and despite the newness of my blog - I am no where close to being a newbie so please respect that I am fellow human being behind the screen with a life outside SL.

I really enjoy on location photography and my shoots tend to be more artistic in nature. My style varies from cute to dark and everything in between so I can accommodate most any style of clothing into my blog posts.

I prefer subscriber lists for blogging than groups as I often tend to run out of group spaces.

Other than that, feel free to ping me in-world or drop a notecard with you message and I will happily get back to you!


Suriko Leimes

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